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This page has been designed to showcase my wedding photography. You will find here pictures from weddings and engagement shoots. I hope you will enjoy looking at our gallery but if you prefer slideshows, I have also created The Best of 2017 collection for you, have a look.
How important is photography to you? What do you think when you say ‘photos’? I think photos are magical because they allow us to capture love and happiness. They make it possible to travel back in time and see the most beautiful memories in our lives. Photographs make people smile and that’s why they are priceless. Your photos are your legacy, very often they are the only thing that is left after the wedding day is long gone.
My blog posts are another source of inspiration as they showcase even more images. Every couple has their own unique story, every wedding is different and my photography is the reflection of that. You won’t find two weddings that are the same. Moments and creative wedding portraits are the main two ingredients of our stories. Emotions and moments are more precious than the posed images, because they are real. I also love the creative couple shots because they are fun and original.
What type of pictures do you prefer? Hopefully you like both the natural and the more creative ones. If the images you see here ‘speak’ to you, get in touch, let’s chat.
Beautiful sunset over portmore at Devon weddingLove Sign at Devon WeddingSpeech reactions at awesome weddingSandy-Cove-Wedding_photography-Michael-WellsGroomsmen beach reflectionDonna & Connie's Hayne Barn WeddingMichael Wells Photography best of 2017Malcesine Destination WeddingHigher Eggbeer Wedding photo with epic bokehchildren playing at Devon weddingMichael Wells Photography best of 2017walking down the asile as husband and wifeMichael Wells Photography best of 2017Sparkler photos at Sandy Cove WeddingAshley & Roses Millbrook WeddingPhotobooth at Saunton Sands Weddingparty time at Sandy cove weddingMichael Wells Photography best of 2017very happy bride walking down the aislesunlit bridal portrait