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As a wedding photographer based in Ilfracombe, Devon, Tunnels Beaches is my local venue, it's only two minutes from my house.
This is a unique location with its thatched gazebo overlooking the Gentlemans Beach. The Ladies beach is through another tunnel, the whole venue dates back to Victorian times when they had separate beaches to bathe, it was first opened in 1823.

Private secluded beaches, stunning scenery for your photos and the perfect setting to watch the beautiful Devon sunsets. I have photographed a good few weddings here over the past few years, check out these Tunnels Weddings posts on my blog

Visit the Tunnels Beaches website
couple in tunnel entrance at nightCat & Gaz's Tunnels Beaches WeddingCat & Gaz's Tunnels Beaches WeddingLucy & Dan's Tunnels Beaches WeddingCat & Gaz's Tunnels Beaches Weddingdevon-wedding-photographer-tunnels-beaches-003Dancing_sunset_Tunnels_Beaches_weddingTunnels_Beach_wedding_sunsetdevon-wedding-photographer-tunnels-beaches-001Father_Bride_Tunnels_BeachesCat & Gaz's Tunnels Beaches Weddingdevon-wedding-photographer-tunnels-beaches-002