Sandy Cove – Victoria & Stuart

Sandy Cove Elopement Wedding

Victoria & Stuart chose to celebrate their elopement wedding at The Sandy Cove Hotel overlooking the Bristol Channel on  gloriously sunny day in September. Being a north devon wedding photographer has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing couples over the lockdown. Some who have decided despite the restrcitions to go ahead and tie the knot.

So when Victoria got in touch and said they too were going to get hitched with just their two girls and parents in tow, I knew it would be a beautiful intimate afternoon. The sun shone, the smiles beamed and their eldest was super excited to visit the beach. It became a little game that she would come up to me with her huge smile, look up at me and just wait, until I said “We’re not going to the beach yet!” She’d just laugh and then run away, for the scenario only to be repeated a few minutes later.

Hele Beach

We did head to Hele beach after the ceremony as you can see from the photos below. Going to the beach or elsewhere is something I encourage my couples to do if they can. A few minutes away from your guests and have a little time to just be the two of you is really important. We of course, this time had very smiley and happy company.

Are you heading to Sandy Cove for your elopement or wedding? Get in touch, I’d love to hear your story and plans for your celebration.

If you’re thinking of heading to Hele Beach for some photos on your wedding day check out Tideschart to see when the best time may be to visit the beach with your photographer.


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