Ocean Kave Winter Wedding

Ocean Kave Winter Wedding

Vicky & Alan are some of our very best friends. Vik is my wifes business partner and we’ve been friends with them for nearly 20 years, they are more like family. It was no surprise then when they asked if I’d photograph their day. We were also asked to be their witnesses and headed to the registry office in Barnstaple for the legal bit the day before.

They didn’t want any fuss on the actual day of the celebration and used this to their advantage in pranking everyone else during the ceremony. I shall explain. There were very few of us in on the joke, the couple of course, and us, Vik’s sister in law and the star of the show, Kathy, yes Kathy of Ocean Kave!

The idea was that Kathy should come in at the ceremony start time and tell everyone assembled that there would not be a wedding because she had forgotten to renew the venues license! She played her part to perfection, totally believable in her act. You only have to look below at the faces of Alan’s ushers to see the concern. Before a full scale riot broke out Paula, the sister in law, stood up and announced she’d been ordained just in case. She moved to the front with her fake degree and popped on a dog collar, hilarious. It took a minute but then everyone twigged what was happening and got the joke, realising it was all a hoax.

Maybe Naked?

The rest of the day was brilliant. In the evening the couple had booked Maybe Naked to provide the music. We have all been fans and have followed this local band for years. Prior to having kids we travelled just about anywhere to watch them play. Maybe Naked + The Red Barn in Woolacombe = Great Memories.

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