Ocean Kave Intimate Wedding

Ocran Kave Intimate Wedding

It was amazing to finally get back to work in 2021 after a tough year all round. Amy & Tom’s intimate Ocean Kave wedding was on the day that they had planned to get wed. My first sight of the day was Amy’s Dad sitting in the garden in his red speedo’s. Thats one way to start the day and it differed from the usual of seeing the bride having her hair or make up done when I arrive.

They had decided to go ahead with fingers crossed that small weddings were to be allowed and happily they were. I joined this small group for just a few hours late on an April afternoon, taking in both the ceremony and the sunset as they’d requested. The couples Yorkshire Terrier greeted me with a suspicious eye when I went to find Tom. After a little while he warmed to me and didn’t hide every time I pointed my camera.

It was a beautiful April day, the sun shone, everyone was smiling and Amy looked stunning. Tom didn’t scrub too bad either. Kathy and the Ocean Kave wedding team looked after them as they always do, professional and welcoming. Due to Mr Covid their wedding breakfast had to be held outdoors. It was certainly a bit fresh! But no one complained, they just sat there in their coats and wooly hats, me too!

I really enjoyed this intimate little celebration of a young couple starting out their married lives surrounded by those that are truly close to them.

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