Hayne Devon – Donna & Connie

Hayne Devon Wedding

Donna & Connie found me using the good old fashioned Google search. The only way for them to find a photographer for their wedding at Hayne Devon. They live in Willemstad, Curacao in the Caribbean. I would tell you why they chose the UK for their wedding but I’d be here half the evening trying to explain it, lol. But, they decided to get married here in Devon, yay for me as it was an amazing day.

They were so relaxed about it all, they even got ready together. The day had a totally different vibe from the weddings I usually shoot. I was up in their business all day and they didn’t even seem to notice they were so intent on enjoying themselves.

So instead of me going on about their wedding I thought I’d ask them about it, maybe you can glean a few tips from them. I’ve also done this with Joe & Ellie, enjoy the read. Mike

Who proposed to who, was it expected, where did the proposal take place.

The proposal was a surprise!  I proposed to Connie in Thailand on the beach.  We had gone on holiday and were staying on a small island called Koh Kood. On our last day, we had the whole beach to ourselves and I managed to nervously write in the sand, “marry me Connie?”  She thought I was joking at first, as I had been teasing her saying that I needed a few more years before I was ready to get married, so it wasn’t the reaction I was expecting!  We laughed a lot, I got down on one knee and convinced her that I was serious!  She said yes! 

Why did you choose Hayne to hold your ceremony and reception?

Because it’s a beautiful venue where so many people can stay onsite in posh bell tents, yurts, or log cabins.  It is also close(ish) to go surfing, and we love walking so it ticked all the boxes for a cheeky mini-moon after the party! 

What vision did you have for your Hayne Devon wedding (theme, colour scheme, styling etc)? And, where did go for inspiration?

We really loved the idea of a barn wedding, something rustic and relaxed.  We used orange as a highlight colour and just did what was comfortable for us.  I love Doc Martins and have always and I wanted a tailcoat, Connie always wanted a tux so we did what was good for us and added in a flavour of ourselves.  We wanted everyone to be relaxed and have a good time.  That was the most important element for us!

How would you describe the venue and how the day went?

The day was fantastic!  If there were hick ups and problems, we didn’t know about them!  The venue was gorgeous, the owners were in the background sorting and doing and we had an amazing party! 

What were you looking for in terms of your photography?

We were looking for a relaxed approach to capturing the day.  We didn’t want too many formal photos, we definitely wanted lots of silly ones that caught us and our guests enjoying themselves.  A true representation of what went on!  Mike did a wonderful job! 

Any other comments about your venue or suppliers.

We can’t recommend everyone we use highly enough!  Mike did an amazing job of capturing the day.  Matt and Lianne from Inspired Party took care of our DJ needs as well as being our Master of Ceremonies for the day.  Andy and Debbie of Buen Apetito cooked up an amazing feast, cut our cake and were just fantastic humans to have as part of our day!  Tim and Milla, owners of the Hayne Devon Wedding venue, who own and run the venue, were awesome!  We ended the night with a random jam session in the barn with a bunch of guests singing and playing whatever instruments were around.  We were lucky to have such an amazing group of people all come together to make our day.  All of them were professional, veterans in this wedding business, and just such wonderful humans!  We would recommend them all!


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