How long will you be at the wedding? – If you have booked me for the whole day I will be with you from Bridal Prep (2 hours before the ceremony) until after your first dance.

What is your ‘style’ – If I had to pin my style down it would be photojournalism mixed with creative portraiture.

How many images do we get? – The final number in your collection can vary depending on the length of your day and the size of your wedding party. You can expect to receive between 400 -700 images if you have booked me to cover the whole day.
Do you edit all of the images? – Yes. Part of my style is how I finish your images so every single one will be individually edited.

Can we see a full wedding? – Of course you can, I have all of my weddings saved to private galleries. Just send me a message and I’ll give you access to one.

Do you do albums? – I certainly do, I use Floricolor Albums. They are beautifully handmade in Portugal with the images printed directly on to the page. Once you have your final collection I will ask you to select the images you would like included in your album. I will then design it in a way that I think tells the story best, then send you an online preview to review. We go back and forth until you’re completely happy.

We hate posing for pictures, do we have to pose? – Don’t stress, I hear this a lot! I work in a very relaxed way with an emphasis on fun with as little posing as possible to get the best out of you. I do everything I can to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. If it is something that is really worrying you then I would suggest having a full Capture You shoot with me to completely prepare for your wedding day. I do a mini shoots with clients at our meetings whenever possible.

Will you need food? – I never demand that you feed me but it is always really welcome, clients who feed me tend to get photos that are far more awesome than those who don't. No, but seriously... if you could provide a meal on the day that would be ace!  If this isn’t possible, no problem, but please do let me know so I can make other arrangements.

Are you insured? – Yep, fully insured. Professional & Public liability.

How long will our images take after the wedding? – My lead time for your final collection is 6-8 weeks depending on workload.

Who owns the copyright to the photos? –  Technically the copyright will always remain with the photographer but you will have license to print and post as much as you like but not commercial re-sale.

Do you shoot destination weddings – Yes, most definitely. I have a valid passport and love travelling to new places. Travel & accommodation costs will be factored into your quote. To give you an idea of cost click here.

What if you are ill on the day of our wedding? – I am lucky enough to be part of a large network of other brilliant photographers that are in place for that very reason. I’ve never ( touch wood ) had to use any of their services but if in the unlikely event it did happen I would assign another professional photographer to shoot in my place.

How do we book you? – Send me a message here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I do love to meet all of my couples but distance sometimes doesn’t allow for this. We can chat on the phone or Skype as much as you want before making your decision. If you then want to have me as your photographer it’s a simple online contract to sign and a deposit, easy as that.