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I am a full-time wedding photographer from North Devon. I love to travel all around the UK and on occasion, OVERSEAS, to capture all the laughter, love, tears and dance floor action at weddings.

I left the Butlering world, travelled to Rhodes and spent the next two years running a bar. In 2001, I moved back to the UK after a year backpacking and settled in North Devon with my family.

After helping out at a wedding and shooting some photos I was hooked! Since 2006 I've been photographing weddings, so far around 300, and I still absolutely love my job........

Becoming a wedding photographer was never really on the cards as a career choice. I was going to be a chef or in hospitality. My first job after college took me to Paris and I became Footman to the British Ambassador. Then to London a few years later and worked as Butler to part of the Royal Family at Kensington Palace. Then for a Swiss Family and travelled all over the world. But decided, long term, this kind of life wasn’t for me.

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