I never started out to become a wedding photographer. My first job out of college took me to Paris. I became Footman to the British Ambassador. I returned to London and took a job as Butler to part of the Royal Family at Kensington Palace. I then worked for a Swiss Family and travelled all over the world with them, but decided long term it wasn’t for me. I left the butlering world, travelled to Rhodes and spent the next 2 years running a bar. In 2001, I moved back to the UK after a year backpacking and settled in North Devon with my family.

A friend of ours got married in 2004 and I helped out with the photos. A year later I shot my very first solo wedding and loved it. Since then I have been shooting weddings, around 400 to date and my days are spent editing photos and planning the next photo shoot.
I love to cook when I have time, my two little herberts, travelling, music, honey tequila and people. My jobs have always been front of house, Butler or Barman, and I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work for The Royal Family to Faliraki Stag Parties ( not always a pleasure )

And a brief summary …
I have an awesome job – Fact.
Karley and I were married in 2006. We have two creative, funny and loving children who like nothing better than to paint with their Nanny Nutcase or help Grandad in his garage.

I know a lot of people dislike having their picture taken, me too, so I try to make it fun, not too ‘posey’ and formal, whilst still aiming to give you something special that your friends and family aren’t going to be able to capture on their phone. I’m always on hand to help keep things running smoothly so you can enjoy the day – let’s face it, that’s the important bit!!

I work really hard to capture your wedding day whilst keeping the mood relaxed, you relax and have an awesome time, I'll shoot, how does that sound?

That's enough about me, I’d like to know more about you and your story.